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update: on/off switch incorporation in Puriphico

As I make progress with the development of the prototype, I plan to keep a log here, in the blog, under the "Updates" category. Subscribe to be alerted whenever a new update has been developed! (Also, if you are looking to implement more technical improvements in your Arduino programs, these examples can serve as a framework, so I suggest reading fully and analyzing the code. That said, when you spot an improvement to be made in my codes, PLEASE let me know ASAP - I'm looking for feedback!)

Update type: Incorporation of an on/off switch in the Puriphico device, enabling easier control of operation.

Background information: A switch, to provide a general definition, is a component in a circuit that can break the flow of current. This means that the switch can determine whether the circuit will be open or closed (as a future article will describe in greater detail). There are two primary types of switches: a momentary pushbutton switch, and an on/off switch. The difference, aside from different circuit implementations, is that the momentary pushbutton will only close the circuit (or open it) for as long as it is held down. An on/off switch, on the other hand, will maintain its state (as either open or closed) until it its state is deliberately changed, hence why it was more appropriate for my circuit.

Brief description: This update is fairly straightforward and required no modifications to the code (only an interruption of the circuit), so I will not be including images of the code. However, I will describe how I implemented the on/off, otherwise known as toggle, switch in my circuit. Firstly, instead of connecting the battery directly to the VIN pin of my Nano 33 BLE Sense microcontroller, I interrupted it by making the circuit pass through the switch first. That's it! This update, since not software, but hardware, will be formally introduced in the upcoming prototype as I will not be able to modify my prototype's PCB.

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