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Prototyping: .5 circuit design

This blog post elaborates on the limited information provided in the original article, 'Prototyping: Puriphico .5,' detailing the components of the below circuit schematic.

This schematic features the Arduino Nano 33 BLE Sense, several capacitors, a on/off switch (U1), a battery connection port, multiple resistors, two LED's, a PIR motion sensor, and a pushbutton switch. Unlike prior iterations, it does not incorporate an OLED screen displaying key data - that has been replaced with Bluetooth connectivity. The pink depicts the board outline, the yellow represents various components, the red illustrates top-layer wiring, and the blue illustrates bottom-layer wiring. Upon careful observation, you will be able to deduce that pins 5 and 6 correspond to the green and red LED's, respectively. Were you to examine the code, you will also notice how GLED and RLED pins are declared as pins 5 and 6, respectively. Additionally, you will notice that the pushbutton switch, in agreement with the code, is set to pin 12 of the Arduino Nano 33 BLE Sense microcontroller. This pattern maintains true, and, with some thought and consideration, you may be able to understand this prototype's construction and how the code interacts with the circuit. Regardless, in the Build-Your-Own program, all of these concepts will be taught in great depth, and I will soon be releasing guided tours to allow you to build the Puriphico .4 and .5 prototypes from scratch. Stay tuned!

Here are 3-Dimensional renders of the PCB (lacking components):

As I make progress with the development of the prototype, I plan to keep a log here, in the blog, under the "Updates" category. Subscribe to be alerted whenever a new update has been developed! (Also, if you are looking to implement more technical improvements in your Arduino programs, these examples can serve as a framework, so I suggest reading fully and analyzing the code. That said, when you spot an improvement to be made in my codes, PLEASE let me know ASAP - I'm looking for feedback!)

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