Puriphico .4

Puriphico .4, based on the prior .3 version, incorporates the same features within a much more sophisticated design. Additionally, the .4 version packs a software update enabling it to have a far lower false-detection rate.

Puriphico .3

Puriphico .3 is the first pre-production prototype incorporating a functional and stylish case. Combining a modern design and updated software consisting of a built-in screen and multiple sensors, the Puriphico .3 is fit for any handwashing setting.

Puriphico .2

Puriphico .2 is the redesigned version of the .1 model - it has a smaller microprocessor but loses the screen.

Puriphico .1

Puriphico .1 is the first version of the electronic system. Here you can see all of the components that are currently being used in the Puriphico .3 model.