The Mission

At Puriphico, in addition to developing innovative technology to improve compliance with proper handwashing practices, we aim to help students throughout the world realize their own technological/innovative dreams


How we do this

  • Improving compliance with proper handwashing practices

    • ​By placing Puriphico - a novel electronic system - adjacent to any faucet, you can see real-time how long you have been washing your hands through LED lights accompanied by an OLED screen; when the green light flashes, you know that you have sufficiently washed your hands for 20 seconds, thereby having eradicated all harmful bacteria! 

  • Helping students realize their own technological/innovative dreams

    • Through our Build-Your-Own program, we provide a means of, yes, building your own Puriphico but, more importantly, learning fundamental skills involved with realizing your innovative dreams, including 3D printing, programming, and circuit design. 


The founder

  • Hi there! My name is Adrian, and I am a 15-year-old from Pasadena, California. 

  • In 2018, I started Puriphico with the goal of helping my community combat one of the most long-standing issues to date, engineering an electronic system to allow people to maintain proper handwashing practices.

  • After years of refining my skills in the effort of building this device, I developed the Build-Your-Own program to help other ambitious students achieve their own technological/innovative feats beyond the classroom.

  • Feel free to contact me through the Contact-Us page!