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time functions in arduino programming

  • Delay()

    • Pauses the program for a specified amount of milliseconds.

    • Syntax is delay(ms).

  • delayMicroseconds()

    • Same as delay, but in microseconds.

    • Is inaccurate for values larger than 16383; nearing this number, it is simplest to use the standard delay function.

  • micros()

    • When this function is called, it returns the number of microseconds since the arduino board began running.

    • Will reset after approximately 70 minutes of board operation.

    • Syntax is as follows: time = micros( )

Here is an example. Note that time is declared as a variable, which is referenced later using the communication function, Serial.println.

  • millis()

    • Same as micros(), but in milliseconds.

    • Overflow, or reset point, is currently 50 days.

    • Syntax is as follows: time = millis( )


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