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About The Product: What Does It Do?

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

In this photo, you can see my hands below the device (in a pre-mature stage), which is balanced on the sink faucet (not how actual setup will look).

-- By sensing whether the user is washing their hands, the system is able to aid the handwasher in achieving a 20-second handwashing session. It does this by recognizing characteristics consistent among samples of handwashing, such as the parameters for sound variation in the water as well as hand movement in the user. The device will also detect whether the user is not scrubbing their hands as much as they should (in the effort of eradicating harmful bacteria).

-- Once it has recognized that you are washing your hands on account of multiple sensory inputs, it will flash a red light each second for 20 seconds until you have reached 20 seconds, when it will flash a green light 3 times to indicate that you have sufficiently washed your hands.

The newest version of this system is equipped with more intelligent handwashing-recognition software along with longer lasting batteries and a screen. The screen displays the time as you wash your hands (from 1-20) as well as a data set consisting of the number of people who washed their hands for the full 20 seconds against the total number of people who washed their hands.

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